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Is Fear Controlling Your Job Search? How To Stop It Now!

I think that we can all agree that we are living in some crazy, scary times right now. We may not be sure when our #QuarantineLife will be over, but what we can be sure of is how we respond to it.

I am aware of the uneasiness, anxiety, and stress many of you are feeling right now when it comes to how this crisis is going to affect your jobs and your careers. However, fear itself can be like a virus It is contagious. You may hear people talking about being infected by fear – yes, we can sense it, we can feel it, and smell it according to some studies.

It is important to remember that fear is a survival mechanism and while it is okay to feel fear- it is not okay to let fear be the driver and to be what motivates you, your decisions, and dictates your emotional state.

It might feel good and like you are making the right decision to do the safe thing and stay inside your comfort zone. However, that is oftentimes counterproductive and can harm you from reaching your goals. By allowing fear to be in control, it will rob you of your joy, steal your gratitude, happiness, and inner peace. It will ruin your mood and suck you into constant negativity.

That doesn’t make it any easier to find a new role, does it? (You know the answer!)

By allowing fear to win, it will also rob you of your ability to make good, judicious decisions because you will be unable to focus.

Not to mention that your immune system functions better without fear! Fear puts your body into overdrive by causing stress, anxiety, and panic.

I cannot deny that we are living in constantly changing times but what IS important is how you choose to respond to what is happening. Laid off? Were you already looking for a new role amid the COVID-19 crisis and now you’re worried you’ll never find anything? Test your own mindset and beliefs. The demand for healthcare, online learning companies, remote and online meeting/ communications companies, and e-commerce are just a few industries who are actively hiring. There is no shame in changing industries and pivoting your career, if needed. This is an excellent time to do so…why wait?

Instead of being wrapped in fear while being at home, take this time to consider what will bring you joy in your career instead. Think about your skills and your strengths and how those could apply to a potential role. How would you like to contribute to society? What problems would you like to solve? What would make you proud at the end of the day?

Please also remember that challenges are a part of life. They help us grow as a person and grow in our careers. If the markets crash, they will eventually recover. As will you! My advice is that the time is now- move away from fear, get centered with your purpose, and begin by taking active steps today to get started. You can do so by clicking below and signing up to watch our free masterclass to learn more about the process that has worked for clients.

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Are You Happy in Your Career?

Are you happy in your current role? When is the last time you checked in with yourself and asked yourself that question? And if you’re not…what’s keeping you from looking and landing a new role? According to The State of the American Job Report by Pew Research, 2016 , job satisfaction rates for American workers are as follows:

  • Very Satisfied – 49%
  • Somewhat Satisfied – 30%
  • Dissatisfied – 9%
  • Very Dissatisfied – 6%

Half of all Americans are dissatisfied with their current roles. And there is also a strong correlation between how one feels about their role and how one feels about their life. Typically, when one feels happy and satisfied with their work and working conditions then it translates to their life outside of the workplace.

According to the data above, only 30 percent are somewhat satisfied, which means that those feelings of dissatisfaction are going to translate into other areas of their life, such as marriage and relationships, children, family, friendship, health, finances, and more.

I have seen those unhappy in their careers feeling miserable in their lives overall and on the brink of health crises, bankruptcy, divorce, and depression just to name a few major challenges.

Unfortunately, it’s the painful truth.

We take for granted how bad it can be truly be and what’s missing in one’s career. Employers need to heed the call to give their employees what they want and need to retain them. Most of the jobseekers I speak to are seeking development, training, growth, flexibility, more challenging work, advancement, and salary increases. These are small prices to pay for being a loyal, consistent, and dedicated employee who shows daily to solve workplace challenges and bring your A-game so your employer gets the best of your talents and skills.

So, if we are so unhappy and dissatisfied with our careers then why aren’t we job searching? You would think it would be best to find a new role while still employed- especially if you didn’t enjoy your current one.

The data for January 2020 indicates that the average duration of unemployment was 21.9 weeks. Jobseekers will also spend an average of 11 hours a week to search for a new role.

If you either dislike your current role or are in need of new one, can you honestly tell yourself that you are content living a mediocre life and having a mediocre career? Achieving something big in your life and your career requires a drastic change to make it happen and to actually make it work.


You are too stressed out for it to remain this way.
You are losing sleep.
Your health is being affected.
You hate your job.
You hate being unemployed or underemployed.
You KNOW that you are meant to do more in your life.
You have ambitions of finding your dream career and fulfilling your purpose.
You are underpaid and aspire of receiving a salary increase and no longer needing to worry.
You have been searching without receiving any results.

What I have found that works is having a game plan that works to get you the results that you are looking for. Some make the mistake thinking that they need more information, which just gets them lost and overwhelms them- keeping you from actually achieving your goals and your success. What is necessary is a tried and true plan that consistently brings results.

Do you want to learn how my clients do it and how you can get results of your own? Watch my Masterclass where I unveil the secrets to what actually works and has helped my clients land roles in as little as 4 weeks, earned some multiple job offers, and salary increases of $15k-$60K. Click to register NOW!

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