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6 Steps to Feeling Less Lost Right Now

Career and life coaches share how to deal with this slog of a year

6 Steps to Feeling Less Lost Right Now

A global study by CARE International found that 55 percent of women reported COVID-related income loss and 27 percent of women reported rising anxiety, stress, and mental health issues. Amid a pivotal election, a global pandemic, and an economic crisis, it’s normal to feel aimless.

How To Prevent COVID-19 From Devastating Your Career Goals

Are you worried about your job in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis? You are not alone. To date, there has been a record-breaking 3.3M unemployment claims filed, with more expected to be on the way. As I discussed last week on my Facebook Live, one of the most important things now (besides social distancing, hand washing, and staying healthy!) is to keep your fear in check. However, once you’ve done that what happens next?

Aside from the strategic things that need to be done, this process is about creating a bullet-proof mindset to fight off the negativity. You will hear plenty of people say that there are not any job openings, no one is hiring, or that you won’t find anything then you need to think twice. There are plenty of companies hiring now! And if you don’t see one that you want right now, then it is still the perfect time to get yourself ready and take active steps. Waiting until the economy “is better” or this is over could be too late because you could be getting yourself in front of recruiters right now.

What is stopping you from taking action?

So, if you have been impacted by this pandemic and have been laid off, have you filed for your unemployment benefits yet? I know many states have been backed up and their online systems have been going down….but be sure to get this done so you can keep moving forward!

Next, love on yourself. Remember, this isn’t and wasn’t your fault and you are not alone. Forgive yourself on do take a little bit of time to decompress and allow yourself to feel something. The key is not to get stuck here!

Next, it is about getting into action. What kind of job are you searching for? Are you staying in the same industry or will you be seeking a career in a new one? Decide what it is that you want to do.

Stay in action. Some of you may not have searched for a job in a long time, some of you may have. It doesn’t matter because either way you need to be sure you have all your necessary documents and profiles updated. This is crucial because using anything outdated will lead to lost opportunities.

Now you are in an active job search- be sure to consider what I discussed last week, which was not letting your fear win. Once that happens it will become very easy to self-sabotage your job search and your career. Take care of your mindset and your health.

It is also important to remember the differences between furloughs and layoffs:
• A layoff is permanent job loss
• A furlough is temporary, typically an unknown amount of time, without pay and benefits
• In both cases, you are likely eligible for unemployment benefits but with a furlough you are still employed and do not have to prove to your state’s department of labor that you are actively seeking work because you are still employed
• An important point to consider is that if you are furloughed for a long period of time and have no idea if or when you will be going back to work, start an active job search to avoid further financial and career distress.

The time is NOW to take action and get yourself prepared and searching!


Our normal won’t be the same. The job market will also take time to make a full recovery. That doesn’t mean that you have to wait! It requires you to be coachable enough to consider the possibilities, resourceful enough to find them, and committed enough to see your job search and goals through!

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Is Fear Controlling Your Job Search? How To Stop It Now!

I think that we can all agree that we are living in some crazy, scary times right now. We may not be sure when our #QuarantineLife will be over, but what we can be sure of is how we respond to it.

I am aware of the uneasiness, anxiety, and stress many of you are feeling right now when it comes to how this crisis is going to affect your jobs and your careers. However, fear itself can be like a virus It is contagious. You may hear people talking about being infected by fear – yes, we can sense it, we can feel it, and smell it according to some studies.

It is important to remember that fear is a survival mechanism and while it is okay to feel fear- it is not okay to let fear be the driver and to be what motivates you, your decisions, and dictates your emotional state.

It might feel good and like you are making the right decision to do the safe thing and stay inside your comfort zone. However, that is oftentimes counterproductive and can harm you from reaching your goals. By allowing fear to be in control, it will rob you of your joy, steal your gratitude, happiness, and inner peace. It will ruin your mood and suck you into constant negativity.

That doesn’t make it any easier to find a new role, does it? (You know the answer!)

By allowing fear to win, it will also rob you of your ability to make good, judicious decisions because you will be unable to focus.

Not to mention that your immune system functions better without fear! Fear puts your body into overdrive by causing stress, anxiety, and panic.

I cannot deny that we are living in constantly changing times but what IS important is how you choose to respond to what is happening. Laid off? Were you already looking for a new role amid the COVID-19 crisis and now you’re worried you’ll never find anything? Test your own mindset and beliefs. The demand for healthcare, online learning companies, remote and online meeting/ communications companies, and e-commerce are just a few industries who are actively hiring. There is no shame in changing industries and pivoting your career, if needed. This is an excellent time to do so…why wait?

Instead of being wrapped in fear while being at home, take this time to consider what will bring you joy in your career instead. Think about your skills and your strengths and how those could apply to a potential role. How would you like to contribute to society? What problems would you like to solve? What would make you proud at the end of the day?

Please also remember that challenges are a part of life. They help us grow as a person and grow in our careers. If the markets crash, they will eventually recover. As will you! My advice is that the time is now- move away from fear, get centered with your purpose, and begin by taking active steps today to get started. You can do so by clicking below and signing up to watch our free masterclass to learn more about the process that has worked for clients.

Ready to take action on getting on a new role or changing careers? Book your Career Coaching Strategy Session NOW and we will discuss a game plan that has been proven to work and has helped clients land new roles, change careers, AND earn massive salary increases of $15-$60K! Spots are limited!

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