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Human Resources Consulting Services

Valerie Martinelli Consulting, LLCHuman Resources Consulting Services

Our Human Resources Consulting Services cover varying needs for businesses—designed to work in partnership with your business and to alleviate the stress of HR on your growing business.

Check out the list of services, below, then fill out our contact form so we can schedule an initial phone call to learn more about your unique needs for your business.

Leadership Development Coaching
Trying to grow an individual, department, or a team to reach their full potential? Oftentimes those that need leadership development have potential – they just need help achieving their goals. Check our Leadership Development page to learn more!

Employee Handbook and Other Policy Development
Your employee handbook lays the infrastructure for how your business runs from day to day. We’ll help you create one or update yours.

Professional Recruiting Services
Our Recruiting Services will work in tandem with your business to ensure that you are hiring the best fit for the role. We will conduct initial outreach to candidates, initial screening, such as phone screens, and more

Contact us today to discuss if any of these may be of interest to your business needs!

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