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Gender Diversity In The Workplace: Valuable Or Futile Movement?

Gender Diversity in the Workplace: Valuable or Futile Movement?

As I continue to evolve professionally, I have taken on the role of running a gender equality initiative with hopes of advancing women in and out of the workplace. Women comprise half of the workforce and delivering opportunities, such as advancement and promotions, will benefit us professionally and personally.

Women In The Workplace: The Benefits Of Mentorship

Women in the Workplace: The Benefits of Mentorship

Women are in need of mentors in order to gain the proper skills, learn how to build a wide network, access to role models, acceptance and affirmation, and ultimate career success. For younger women, mentors can play a pivotal role in which career path we choose and our potential success in those chosen fields.

Creating Effective Gender Diversity Action Plans

Creating Effective Gender Diversity Action Plans

Gender diversity is an important and admirable objective. However, it is not just a women’s issue or one that requires consideration, debates, and discussion. Setting goals is also commendable but how do we achieve them? Gender diversity is a complex societal and economic issue.

Project Management Expertise: Public-Private Partnerships

Project Management Expertise: Public-Private Partnerships

It is important for professionals to have an understanding of the skills necessary within 3Ps as they are increasingly employed. Project management is an important component within public-private partnerships. A project can be defined as a specific set of operations designed to accomplish a singular goal and not a routine operation.

Why Women Shy Away From Leadership Positions

Why Women Should Not Shy Away From Leadership Positions

It is a well-known and controversial topic that nationally, we are lacking women in leadership positions both in the public and in private sectors. The campaign to ban the word “Bossy” has received plenty of media attention as has the one encouraging women to lean in.

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