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The Startling Truth About Gender Bias And Your Career

The Startling Truth About Gender Bias and Your Career

Ultimately, the issue lies within gender bias overtaking our workplaces. It is when we allow the stereotypical roles to take over our workplaces that office housework can become a problem. If we can split the chores at home; we should have the ability to split them at work as well.

How To Improve The Emerging Culture of Sexual Harassment

How to Improve the Emerging Culture of Sexual Harassment

Organizational cultures of sexual harassment also reference a larger national problem, which is the accepted culture of misogyny. Men have customarily been granted privileges over women. For example, women are paid less, regardless of their qualifications, education, and years of experience. There are more male executives than there are female executives.

Expert Advice To Improve Your Diversity Goals

Expert Advice to Improve Your Diversity Goals

It is known that diversity and inclusion practices are beneficial for businesses, their workforce, their customers, and communities. These practices can mean any number of things to many- creating balance within gender, race, sexual orientation, or something else. Finding and retaining a workforce is always challenging.

Unparalleled Perspective Of The Innovative Future of Work

An Unparalleled Perspective of the Innovative Future of Work

Businesses typically spend much of their time and efforts around the customer experience. After all, it is the consumers that drive our businesses and keep us going, right? However, it is our employees that drive our consumer experience and ensure that they are receiving the best experience possible.

Perspective On The Fundamentals of Non-Discrimination Policies

Perspective on the Fundamentals of Non-Discrimination Policies

I recently gave an interview about the need for non-discrimination policies in the workplace. The questions reminded me of why we need to protect our workers in both the public and private sectors. The biggest remaining question is, however, what can we strive for?

The Remarkable Opportunities In Disability Inclusion

The Remarkable Opportunities in Disability Inclusion

Accommodations are low on cost but high on impact. Making such provisions result in retaining valuable employees, enhancing morale and productivity, reducing workers’ compensation costs, as well as advancing organizational diversity. For those accommodations that do have a cost attached to them, they are oftentimes lower than the cost of company turnover.

Diversity In The Workplace: Challenges, Advantages, & Values

Diversity in the Workplace: Challenges, Advantages & Value

Employers in both the public and private sectors are more than ever focused on attracting and retaining a diverse workforce. Diversity and inclusion programs are now some of the most visible programs within workplaces.

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