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Why Work With a Career Coach?

In One Word, simply: Expertise.

You receive a tried and tested process of what works and stop spending time on what doesn’t yield results. 


You will actually receive a job offer and a salary increase. When trying to DIY, it is much more difficult to understand the correct process and what works. 


A job search or career advancement is about much more than just a resume or a LinkedIn profile. It is also about your mindset and believing in yourself. 

Your Future.

This is not just about a job. This about your career, your finances, your life- your health, stress levels, how you handle change, how it affects others- and more. That is meant to be done by Google or DIY. 


I'm Valerie, a Career Coach in Connecticut

I am the CEO & Owner of Valerie Martinelli Consulting, LLC in which I am a Job Search and Career Expert, Resume Writer, and a Personal Branding Professional. I specialize in helping mid-level and senior-level  job seekers and career changers land jobs, raises, and find their dream careers. I have helped many candidates find the right career in less time & negotiate job offers, resulting in salary increases of $15K- $60K+, and positively impacting their career trajectories and earnings potential.  

My Approach

Group, Program-Based Coaching

My coaching is program and group-based. You have the opportunity to work with others through the client-only group and access to the necessary materials. You won’t be left unclear what to do or what steps to take.

1:1 Coaching

I work individually with each coaching client to ensure that you are setting realistic goals and have the proper strategy and mindset in place to meet them. This helps you succeed. 

Individualized, Personalized, and Professional

As a result, the service is individualized, feels customized, and is always professional. 


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