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Are you looking for a new role in your current industry or a career change? Do you wonder if you will ever achieve the level of professional success you’ve been longing for? Do you see your friends with the career and salary that you’ve always dreamed of but you’re unsure how they did it?

Are you trapped in your job search? Does your job have you feeling unfulfilled, bored, unappreciated, and like you KNOW you’re meant something more- like, your dream career? Are you underpaid and afraid to ask more but you know deep down that you are worth it?

If any of this describes you, then VMC’s Career Coaching Program may be for you!

To get started, click the link below to register to watch the free Masterclass “The 5 Inside Secrets My Female Clients Use To Land Multiple Job Offers And Find Their  Career Bliss” to learn more about the secrets to landing a dream career while earning a salary increase and finding your career bliss!

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Our Core Values


I am committed to the issues VMC solves, to our clients, our partners, and each stakeholder. It is through this commitment and resourcefulness that VMC continues to make a strong impact in women’s’ careers and in helping organizations onboard talent. 


We are bold, brave, and full of the courageous spirit and the resources to make what may seem like an impossible dream, a reality.  


VMC values a world of inclusiveness and fairness, especially within recruiting and hiring practices. We also collaborate with those of diverse backgrounds and cultures because we know that learning from others helps us make the world a peaceful place where we can grow together. 


I value equal opportunities for women in the workplace- and that means consistently growing, learning, and advancing to capture your next level of personal and professional success. 

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