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About VMC

Our President & CEO, Valerie Martinelli began her career in personal development and gender diversity with the Center for Economic & Policy Development, Inc. in March 2015, a national non-profit, as a Director. It was during her tenure she founded and began Innovate 50/50, a mentorship and gender equality advocacy initiative. It was through analyzing the ways in which our national economic, business, political, and social issues impact women that she particularly understood the necessity for mentorship and how it can benefit women and society. Thus she created Valerie Martinelli Consulting LLC, (VMC).

There is also a unique business need to develop gender diversity plans for organizational and economic success. She enjoys working with women who would like to advance their skills in order to take advantage of their personal and economic power. She is also a writer and has published numerous blogs and articles concerning the public sector, business, and gender diversity issues for Careers in Government and Post University’s Master of Public Administration newsletters. Valerie is also a member of Post University’s MPA Mentorship Program in which she mentors MPA students in their capstone courses to reach their goal of degree completion and success.

Valerie Martinelli created VMC as her mission to help women achieve new heights and levels in the workplace. She uses her platform to advocate equal rights, better education for women in business, STEM, and beyond, and more!

It is her mission to be your partner in achieving personal and professional success.


We are thrilled to be recognized by CIOReview as one of the 10 Most Promising Leadership Development Training/Coaching Companies — at the forefront of providing #leadership development training for women.

At VMC, we work towards equitable solutions for our individual and corporate clients while ending disparities in the workplace and engaging all of the potentials that women hold—to create a future where women fearlessly step into their power to make an impactful and lasting change in the world.

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